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K-KJ51MC64TA Panasonic Eneloop Family Charger and
  • K-KJ51MC64TA Panasonic Eneloop Family Charger and

    The K-KJ51MC64TA Eneloop charger and battery family kit contains an assortment of everything for your family's portable power needs including: 
    •1 x BQ-CC51TA battery charger able to charge 2 or 4 AA / AAA cells
    •6 x Eneloop BK-3MCCE AA NiMH batteries
    •4 x Eneloop BK-4MCCE AAA NiMH batteries
    •2 x C size BQ-BS1E Eneloop battery adaptors
    •2 x D size BQ-BS2E Eneloop battery adaptors

    Insert 1 x Eneloop AA battery into the C / D size adaptor and use in devices requiring C / D size batteries.


    •Input: Auto voltage 100-240VAC
    •Output: 3.0V 0.2A x 2 (AA); 3.0V 0.08A x 2 (AAA)
    •2 LED indicators
    •Auto off timer control
    •Non-rechargeable battery detection


    •Economical and eco-friendly with 2100 recharge cycles
    •Low self discharge - retains 65% of charge even after 5 years storage
    •Wide temperature range for operation and storage
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